BTC 2011

When and where

21st – 27th of August, 2011, Ljubljana


COBIK EU Regional Development Fund

Who should attend:

People from industry engaged in downstream processing, graduate student and postdocs who want to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge of modern downstream processing

Participants will receive:

  • Extensive overview of the current state of the art in downstream processing of biomacromolecules.
  • Theoretical aspects of commonly applied techniques including chromatography, precipitation, liquid-liquid extraction, ultrafiltration, and crystallization. Special topic will be scale-up of each technique.
  • Features of specific groups of biomacromolecules including antibodies, plasmid DNA, and viruses
  • Modern in-process analytics
  • Downstream process design based on collected results
  • Confronting opinions of participants, experts from industry and academia as well as equipment manufacturers

Course program:

  1. day: introduction to the course concept, lectures about downstream processing state-of-the-art, current challenges  and  theory of unit operations
  2. day: lectures about specificity of each molecule type (viruses, plasmids, proteins); hands-on work
  3. day: lecture about process analytical technology (PAT) and in-process control (IPC), hands-on work
  4. day: hands-on work, analysis of the results and report preparation
  5. day: results presentation, workshop on design of an optimal purification process for each type of molecules based on experimental data; lecture about further development of downstream processing, conclusion of the workshop